Youth Advocate for Peace Justice and Empowerment Network (YAPJEN) reaffirms its position to institutionalizing peacebuilding in Nigeria by CHARLES OKPALAEZE

The Nigerian State is yet to heal completely from the wounds inflicted by the 1967-1970 Civil War which has hunted the continued peace and unity of the country. The outcry of political and economic marginalization by some sects has led to the surge in secessionist movements threatening the continued existence of the country as a united front. Sequel to this, conflicts have ensued in various parts of the country with visible ethnic and religious lines running back and forth as instigating factors.

YAPGEN has contributed to the cause of ending and preventing deadly conflicts and has resorted to the concept of peacebuilding in framing and organising its postconflicts activities. The social justice advocacy group has quelled violent extremism in various communities fueled by religious and ethnic bigotry through print and electronic media sensitizations, and engaging and partnering with the security departments to engender lasting peace and sustainable development.

YAPJEN has demonstrated further commitments in urging the government to embark on activities to prevent the emergence of violent conflicts through an open, inclusive, coherent and comprehensive framework that takes into account all the phases of peace and conflict cycle. More so, the social justice advocacy group is in the business of urging the government to take actions to support political, economic, social, and military measures aimed at strengthening political stability, which include mechanisms to identify and support structures that promote peaceful conditions, reconciliation, a sense of confidence and wellbeing, and support economic growth.

Youth Advocate for Peace Justice and Empowerment Network pledges to intensify efforts to strengthen the prospects for internal peace and decrease the likelihood for violent conflicts in order to enhance the indigenous capacity of a society to manage conflict without violence.