Youth Advocate for Peace Justice and Empowerment Network maintains that the security of lives and properties in Nigeria remains the primary responsibility of the government by CHARLES OKPALAEZE

Nigeria is faced with an unprecedented wave of different but overlapping security crises -- from kidnapping to extremist insurgencies -- almost every corner of the country has been hit by violence and crime. The country is currently grappling with security hitches cutting across the six geo-political regions, particularly in the North-East, North-Central, Northwest and Southeast regions.

The scale of insecurity threatens the very fabric of the Nigerian society as with every attack, human lives are lost or permanently damaged, and faith in democracy and the country is gradually diminishing.

Nigeria's biggest security threats has always included jihadism, clashes between farmers and herders, banditry and kidnapping, separatist insurgency, oil militants, murder and wanton killings, etc.

The human rights, good governance and social justice advocacy group has demonstrated strong will and unalloyed commitment towards helping the country salvage its overwhelming security predicaments even as it pledges to do more in assisting the government in rescuing the country.

YAPJEN maintains that the issue of bad governance and poor leadership also remains Nigeria’s fundamental cause of insecurity from the past till now. Nonetheless, YAPJEN urges the government and relevant stakeholders never to give up on this fight against insecurity, and is open to partnering with various security departments of the country to ensure that the sanctity of human life is preserved, and properties secured.